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The field of electroceramics has found diversified applications ranging from the probing of ocean beds to deep space in the form of smart sensors and energy convertors. Ceramic materials that have been specially formulated for specific electrical, electromagnetic and optical properties can be tailored for their use as insulators, ferroelectric materials, highly conductive ceramics, electrodes, MEMS, energy convertors, sensors and actuators, etc. The quest to push performance boundaries through further study into the fundamental aspects of electroceramics and their commercial applications is essential for the advancement of this science and technology.

In our research lab a number of electroceramics based on PZT and BT with Sm, La, Mn, Ca, Zr, Sr etc. substitutions have been synthesized by the conventional ceramic route and mechanochemical processing using conventional sintering and microwave sintering. Also a number of material series based on lithium ferrite and nickel ferrite substituted with Ti, Zn, Mn, La etc. have been synthesized. Composites of ferrite and ferroelectric material have also been prepared. All these materials are characterized for physical, structural, dielectric, ferroelectric, piezoelectric, magnetic properties. The work has published in journals of international repute and proceeding of national and international conferences.

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