Principal's Message

The concentrated endeavour of an institution is not only to educate but also to inculcate a system of core values into students which would keep their fundamental principles intact and provide them knowledge and power to sail through life. The fabric of our society is woven with diverse traditions cultures and ethics of various hues and shades. To make a pattern of this diversity is the moral responsibility of an institution. This is what we at GVMGC are known for.
Our aspirations and achievements , our struggle and strength to scale new heights to equip you better to face the challenges of this ever changing world have been acknowledged by one and all. Striving for this
excellence we have held on to the spirit of GVMGC which is so clearly revealed in the college motto “Karmanye Vadhikaraste Ma Phaleshu Kadachana” which literally means “Believe in action and not in the reward for action.

With the obvious choice of subjects, you decide what you need and the institution would provide the platform, the facilities, the scholarships for you to move forward.

It is a matter of delight that you are considering GVMGC for your voyage of discovery and growth. Welcome to the institution with a hope that you would enhance and enrich your horizon and bring glory both to yourself and the institution.

God Bless You.