President's Message

It has always been my long cherished desire to share with the younger generation, the treasure hidden in the words of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan that got me going when I was in Medical College, in your age-group. His words “ Knowledge is not something to be packed away in some corner of our brain, but what enters into our being, colours our emotion, haunts our soul and it is as close to us as life itself, I have fully imbibed.”

When you go for higher education, you wish to be knowledgeable and learned and also aspire to use this knowledge for productive use to empower yourself. You should never forget that knowledge becomes power not by the extent to which you possess it but due to the purpose for which you use it. Girls like you are a part of the women-force which in the world of today is a force to reckon with. You have the power to change not one individual, not one family but the whole nation, so feel that power in you. During your stay at G.V.M.G.C., you will gain knowledge and imbibe values. Let this experience be your guiding spirit for your march to progress, spread the spirit of eternal human values for the weal and welfare of everyone associated with you, embody the power of ‘ Shakti’ in you and you will feel that it is not for nothing that India has endowed upon her women the status of ‘ Devi-the Devine’

God Bless You

Dr. O.P. Pruthi