Women’s Cell

G.V.M.G.C is fully aimed at gender sensitization and impetus to women centric issues. G.V.M established a women cell in 1995 which has now turned into a milestone in the illustrious history of the institution. Our woman cell aims to improve the students of all facets for bringing out their real strengths and potentials. Under the visionary and dynamic direction of Dr. Jyoti Juneja, woman cell has scaled new heights.

We are responsible enough to holistically develop our students on all fronts of their lives. Here, woman cell plays an important role. Well-being of all students has been given proper weight and all growth related programs are in fact prerequisite to which we are absolutely concentrated. Woman cell organises talks, discussion and competitions which target to widen the mental horizons of the students. Various topics focused on health, hygiene, psychological orientation, yoga, career counseling, are oriented under the direction of experts from respective fields. The cell also offers individualized guidance to the needy students. Here, all our girls get encouragement to seek advice on academic, financial, family and health issues.

On regular intervals students are exposed to various competitions for developing public speaking confidence and for grooming their overall personality. In these competitions we also invite parents of students to discuss any issue or concern regarding students.

The well defined agenda is followed by our women cell. We propose to give our students training in vocational courses. Such agenda works twofold i.e. it imparts training and it opens new job opportunity in many areas. We also propose to invite some women IAS, IFS and I ICS officers to motivate our students to excel in academics and make a place for themselves by serving the country.

We further work on tying up our college with various IT companies so that sufficient placement opportunities can be arranged for students as soon s they finish their programs.

The time ahead awaits us with a very challenging mission of sending our team of girls with teachers to nearby villages. By such mission we aim to inform women about personal hygiene, education, and girl child. This mission would also target about giving adequate information related to skewed sex ratio in India.

Extension lecture on domestic violence.

An extension lecture on domestic violence was organized by the women cell of the college on nov. 16,2013.the spoken person mrs. Pooja dembla(D.S.P) traffic,enlightened the students regarding the problem faced by them and stressed on the need to come forward and raise a voice to be heard by others.mrs. dabla also briefed the students about the tollfree numbers 100 and 1091 for any kind of police assistance. The college principal advised the students to not take any type of domestic violence lying down.

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