Semester   I
BBAN101                   Business Organization
BBAN102                   Business Mathematics
BBAN103                   Financial Accounting
BBAN104                   Computer Fundamentals
BBAN105                   Business Communication
BBAN106                   Micro-economics for Business Decisions                              

Semester   II
BBAN201                   Principles of Management
BBAN202                   Macro-economics Analysis and Policy
BBAN203                   Company accounts
BBAN204                   Computer Applications in Management
BBAN205                   Organizational Behavior
BBAN206                   Business Statistics

Semester   III
BBAN301                   Cost and Management Accounting
BBAN302                   Marketing Management
BBAN303                   Capital Markets
BBAN304                   Introduction to Information Technology
BBAN305                   Environment Studies
BBAN306                   Disaster Management

Semester   IV
BBAN401                   Financial Management
BBAN402                   Human Resource Management
BBAN403                   Business Research Methods
BBAN404                   Business Law
BBAN405                   Data Base Management System
BBAN406                   Human Rights and Values

Semester   V
BBAN501                   Production and Materials Management
BBAN502                   Company Law
BBAN503                   Indian Business Environment
BBAN504                   Computer Networking & Internet
BBAN505                   Presentation Skills and Personality Development
BBAN506                   Cyber Security
BBAN507                   Summer Training Report

Semester   IV
BBAN601                   Income Tax
BBAN602                   System Analysis & Design
BBAN603                   Foundations of International Business
BBAN604                   Consumer Protection
BBAN605                   E-Commerce
BBAN606                   Project Report
BBAN607                   Comprehensive Viva-voce