Semester   I
101                  Introduction to Geography
102                  Fundamentals of Physical Geog.
103                  English-I
104                  Subsidiary Paper
105                  General Cartography (Practical)
(a)  Lab Test
(b)  Practical Record
(c)  Viva-Voce
* Environment Studies (Qualifying Paper)
* Computer Awareness (Level-I)

Semester   II
201                  Ecology and Environment
202                  Fundamentals of Human Geography
203                  English-II
204                  Subsidiary Paper
205                  Representation of Physical
Features (Practical)
(a)  Lab Test
(b)  Practical Record
(c)  Viva-Voce
* Environment Studies (Qualifying Paper)
* Computer Awareness (Level-I)
NOTE:           Exam. of Environment Studies & Computer
                        awareness will be held with Exams. of Semester II

Semester   III
301                  Geomorphology
302                  Regional Development
303                  Geography of India
304                  Subsidiary Paper
305                  Thematic Cartography
(a)  Lab Test
(b)  Practical Record
(c)  Viva-Voce


Semester   IV
401                  Climatology
402                  Population Geography
403                  Statistical Techniques in Geography
404                  Subsidiary Paper
405                  Basic Principles of Land Surveying
(Chain-Tape, Plane Table Survey and
Clinometer) (Practical)
(a)  Lab Test
(b)  Practical Record
(c)  Viva-Voce


Semester   V
501                  Modern Geographical Thought
502                  World Regional Geography
503                  Optional   1.  Agricultural Geography
2.  Urban Geography
3.  Geography of Tourism
504                  Subsidiary paper
505                  Map Projections, Prismatic Compass
Surveying and Field Report (Practical)
(a)  Lab Test (Unit I & II)
(b)  Practical record and Field Report
(c)  Viva-Voce

Semester   VI
601                  Oceanography
602                  Economic Geography
603                  Optional :  1.  Industrial Geography
2.  Political Geography
3.  Social and Cultural Geography 
604                  Subsidiary Paper
605                  Fundamental of Remote Sensing (Practical)
(a)  Lab Test (Interpretation of
Aerial Photographs)
(b)  Practical Record
(c)  Viva-Voce